Bottle no•2

The second bottle contains ginger, green apple, lemon, kayin

It’s a little bit spicy 🌶 but it is tasty 

It feels great 👍 


Detox day 1…

Starting my day with the idea that today I’ll let my body clean it self…

Tough mission! You’ll might think that I’ll be sitting all day long no food, no meals nothing…

Well yesterday I have received my meals for today I’ll be posting the bottoles of each meal

This morning’s booster was aloevera it didn’t have any special taste but it was cold and refreshing 💃🏻💃🏻

I hope this day will be successful and I won’t let myself down

Enjoy your day fella 

day 2…

how it started?!
as I said in my previous post that i`ll be updating you how the preparation to the detox day is going, one of the things to do was not eat any dairy products, meat, alcohol or junk food.
As a person that drinks a lot of coffee during the day it was a little bit tough to try and wake my body up without the caffeine dose in the morning or the Kefir that I prepare from the fungi.

I had to wake up my body, so I made cucumber, lettuce, Avocado shake and a little bit of soya milk, it was pretty much awakening  as the coffee awakes and also it was a meal that i didn`t feel much hunger after few hours.

eating meals during the day that didnt consist meat was part of the preparation and at least two litters of water, it helped me stay focused, so after eating lunch i have studied successfully, I didnt feel that my stomach was heavy and needy for rest it was light and full with nutrients meal.

so Far the preparation process is good feels wonderful and each hour that passes i get enthusiastic more and more about the big day.


1st day….

Taking care of our bodies is our duty in life, we live in our bodies our whole life…. 

we should respect it and take care of it very carefully.

I must admit I have been eating junk food for a two week now, I started to see the consequences of that week on my face, in my attitude, everywhere, I was a sinner!

So I have decided to clean my body inside out and start all over again, by the cleanse program which many companies offer it, but I was enthusiastic about one program of “Jusa cold compressed”.

I ordered from them a one day detox and cleaning, the give you 6 bottles of fresh juices made from fruits and vegetables and an aloe Vera booster. 

It doesn’t seem like fun I know but I owe it to my body.

Today is the first day of preparation to the detox day, so I started my day with no caffeine, minimizing white bread and so on…

So enthusiastic, I will be updating….

How do you spend your rest day?

Being a student is pretty fun thing to do, you feel it’s nurturing your brain, you challenge your brain, you get to know your self better at your bad and good times…. but being a student is not an easy way to grow into life, it’s a fight and no one said it’s going to be easy…

For me the good thing about being a student is that most of the times of you work hard, you’ll see the results you have been waiting for, you can’t expect success if you haven’t work for it until your last molecule of energy.

Each day is a full marathon, you wake up early go to classes, and after that you go home or the library or to the coffee house to continue studying the lectures and homeworks and so and so….. it’s not just at the exam period it’s all the days during the semester.

But at some point yes, you’ll get exhausted, you’ll want to stop all the craziness and just cry and hit everything surrounds you.

If you have felt all of these, it’s ok, it’s normal it means you are working hard and you worked hard, we are not machines, our souls need a break, our mind need to rest once in a while…

So today is my rest day, it’s my family day and my nephews day I haven’t seen them for 3 weeks, no studying today, just rest and drink my coffee and love my family and respect my brain for the energy it has put in me to study ❤️

Have a wonderful week❤️❤️❤️

He was loyal to me more than me to me

In this period of time, where all the emotions take an action in my brain, all my nerves became paralyzed I thought I’m not going to find someone who’ll love the way I am, or he’ll leave because of whom I’ve become.

But he didn’t leave, he loved me for who I am, for whom I have become, he supported my feelings and led me to a whole new enlightenment, I was enlightened by him.

Where no one could understand the good kind of person he is, I saw what kind of loving person he is, I saw him loving me when I didn’t love myself, I saw him supporting me when I couldn’t hear myself talk, he calmed me down, when all my brain was occupied with anger and disturbances.

He is the perfect friend I have been dreaming off  ❤️ and ” stars won’t shine without darkness”.


I have failed at being a good friend…

I have failed at being a good sister…..

I have failed at being a good aunt….

I have failed at being me…..

I have been lost for so long, that I no longer recognize my self, I see myself and I wonder;” what was that important that distracted me from being me?”

The answer was nothing and still it is, diagnosing the problem and saying it out loud is part of the healing program, my soul was damaged, was hit so hard that it couldn’t pick up the pieces alone, I was once told by a great strong independent friend I will call her “S*” :” the difference between falling to standing up and between falling and staying there, is pitiness”.

The bottom line is never feel sorry for yourself, instead of crying and feel down, you should take it all out cry, run, but take a deep breath and make it work.

Have a peaceful day my friends❤️