A whole new person…

From this day, only 6 days are left till I move out of my parents house into a whole new country, and a house of my own!

Today I realized that these are the last days I might be going through in my parents house as a single, just a student person….

The journey will begin in 6 days, it will begin with furnishings the house, then traveling around kosice and slovakia, then coming back to the house saying goodbye to my parents and start my life in slovakia….

It is dramatic for me since I might come back as a whole new person, and this is big deal!

How my parents will love the new me? Will I make them proud of who I am? Will I be satisfied? Will I make it on my own? Will it be fun, exhausting terrifying but satisfying as well?!

I don’t know what the future is holding, but I am proud of who I am today, I home I could learn more about myself and work on myself to get the best out of me, I will surely miss my parents they are my closest friends I have ever made❤️

cheers to the freaking new beginnings


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