How do you play the game?

I was always been taught not be competitive, be nice, help others, what you find good for you try to share it with people so they could enjoy it too…

I was very happy and satisfied with my life πŸ’ƒπŸ»

Until I got accepted into the university, I met very nice and helping people, warm and kind….

But the others, were competitive, played it a friends, and as soon as it gets to exams or something involves grades, your head will be mashed up and you’ll get dizzy not knowing what the hell is happening….

Being a student it’s not a competition that only one will get the certificate or the license to work…. being a student is to learn, be better than you were before, challenge yourself and nourish yourself with new information and knowledge….

It’s ok to be competitive with yourself, defeat the weak part of yours and make the best of you, make yourself shine, glow be successful

But never on the account of others, because it matters not whether you win or lose to others, but it’s how you play the game….

Stay kind ❀️


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