My very first blog

Hey guys, My name is Ruba I am 21 years old…

I am a med student, it took me a while to start to blog…. 

I hope the ideas and my writings will get your attention and be useful πŸ’ƒπŸ»

I believe in folk remedies, weird huh?! πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Ok, so my blog will concentrate on daily tips, skin remedies, healthcare, med students tips that I learn from my experience and mistakesπŸ™„, also I will be posting thoughts and try to express my self the best I can….

So enthusiastic πŸ’ƒπŸ»

Let’s go….


A whole new person…

From this day, only 6 days are left till I move out of my parents house into a whole new country, and a house of my own!

Today I realized that these are the last days I might be going through in my parents house as a single, just a student person….

The journey will begin in 6 days, it will begin with furnishings the house, then traveling around kosice and slovakia, then coming back to the house saying goodbye to my parents and start my life in slovakia….

It is dramatic for me since I might come back as a whole new person, and this is big deal!

How my parents will love the new me? Will I make them proud of who I am? Will I be satisfied? Will I make it on my own? Will it be fun, exhausting terrifying but satisfying as well?!

I don’t know what the future is holding, but I am proud of who I am today, I home I could learn more about myself and work on myself to get the best out of me, I will surely miss my parents they are my closest friends I have ever made❀️

cheers to the freaking new beginnings

Believe in yourself

I had been trying to get to medschool 3 years, and a year  ago I got accepted…

This year has been so wonderful full with new experiences, new friends, new me, new love, and definitely not flowing with what I had expected!

Although it was a tough year, but it was great… after finishing the first year out of the 6, I realized that it’s all about the attitude, all about your beliefs all about you trusting yourself and believing in yourself….

So, In three weeks I will be starting the second year in kosice – Slovakia πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡° and I am so thrilled to open new page in life, new page in everything to learn about myself more 😍😌

If you have any experience or advices to give me, about moving to another country, or about being a second year student I will be very glad to read πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‚

Not ok in an ok personΒ 

Laying on the bed thinking πŸ’­ 

If I am totally alone in this house, why do I need to be that nervous 😩 

Before I go to bed, I check every single room in the house, make sure the doors of all the rooms are closed actually locked! I check the windows and make sure no one is standing behind them, shut the windows….

I take a bottle of water, in case I’ll get thirsty at night, cause as long as the door of my bedroom is closed at night it stays closed no in and no out until morning.

I keep the closest room beside my room with full light on, so the light could sneak under the door.

And I enter the bed, watching the line of light until I fall asleep, so I could make sure there are no movement in that specific room.

And I still think I didn’t have any terrifying experiences or I wasn’t abused or something, I have never been fighting for real, what the hell is wrong with me? 

I do not get amused or thrilled to do these things, it’s an exhausting ceremony before bed, what should I do? Is that ok? It’s driving me crazy….

I tried to stop doing it, but if I didn’t I won’t be able to fall asleep 😴 

Began with sharing a moment and ended up with positive circle πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

It’s been a while since I published the last post, I’ve been through a lot and didn’t have enough time to share my happy moments….

5 days ago, I had my birthday, I was planning on celebrating but the exams have decided that they will make me feel bad for celebrating (I celebrated anyway 😝) 

It was the best birthday ever! It was full with small moments , precious ones that I will keep forever….

It wasn’t just about me, it was seeing the people I love sharing my moment happily, healthy as mush as they can, and more importantly alive.

I missed three people my grandma who had passed away 4 years ago, my best friend Reem and my grandma who lives in another country, but I felt them with me….

This birthday made me realize that life will continue no matter what’s my mood today, what’s the failure or success of the day, life will continue holding you from your ear and forcing you to continue walking…. 

and I thought to myself, what life is worth for, if I remember every sad moment, every evil thought, every bad thought and every worry, I should be helpful, loyal to myself and to people, love myself and love the people around me, respect myself and others, then life will be worth living, because I’ll keep my circle supportive with good vibes❀️

I talked about a lot of things that doesn’t connect to one another, but I’m so thrilled πŸ˜πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Any way keep your circle positive….

How do you play the game?

I was always been taught not be competitive, be nice, help others, what you find good for you try to share it with people so they could enjoy it too…

I was very happy and satisfied with my life πŸ’ƒπŸ»

Until I got accepted into the university, I met very nice and helping people, warm and kind….

But the others, were competitive, played it a friends, and as soon as it gets to exams or something involves grades, your head will be mashed up and you’ll get dizzy not knowing what the hell is happening….

Being a student it’s not a competition that only one will get the certificate or the license to work…. being a student is to learn, be better than you were before, challenge yourself and nourish yourself with new information and knowledge….

It’s ok to be competitive with yourself, defeat the weak part of yours and make the best of you, make yourself shine, glow be successful

But never on the account of others, because it matters not whether you win or lose to others, but it’s how you play the game….

Stay kind ❀️

It’s her…

She was the sun and the warm

She was the star in the dark and the rain in the fields

But She was turned off, they turned off her fire, made the star fall and the rain became dust 

She was hit, she let it hit her and forgave until it was enough to take and fly on her own

She was a pigeon with a broken wing searching for a warm place to hide

She was ashamed of her self, didn’t love her self and was disappointed but she knew that the real her is somewhere out there

She cried and lost trust, she doesn’t trust anyone anymore…

The one who shut her off made her feel guilty for being hit, she was the problem, she was the problem and he hit her for the mistake she had made, was she?

On a rainy day, while she was hiding and trying to teach herself to live again, Larus came to visit…

She thought to her self “A coincidence?”

He stayed for a while kept her company, kept her warm he recognized that all she needed was ❀️ 

He kept her warm, and took care for her tiny wing and tried to fix it…

It was a success the wing is healthy again…

But what about the life? She forgot how to fly…

He stayed and taught her to fly and live 

She loved him, she saw him the rainbow on her rainy day, but she couldn’t trust…

She was betrayed so hard that she’ve lost her trust, is it okay? What has he done to be untrustable?

He fought with her on love and life when the chances were low…

Her took care of her wing when she couldn’t…

He loved her even though he is a Larus and she is just a Pigeon….

Is it okay? 

After a period of time, she was enlightened by the fact that some day the Larus will see her as a problem and he’ll fly to meet a Pavo and he will get the love and the trust she couldn’t give him…

The pigeon couldn’t loose her Larus and she made everything she could to make him stay…

But it didn’t work…. she was depressed and couldn’t find the reason…

The reason was she never saw how pretty she was, how smart she was, and how happy she deserved to be…

The moment she saw that and began to be happy she felt the love again and he felt her love… 

Larus didn’t walk away, he never thought he will, but her negativity convinced her that he’ll leave

All he needed was to see her happy and shiny, and she began to glow, began to love again and to trust….

Bottle noβ€’3

Between this one and the one before I felt a little bit tired and hungry….

So I took the third bottle out of the bag, the first taste was wow! It was refreshing! Awakening! Cold!

I adore this bottle, I called it the alarm bottle ❀️ 

It’s contents are : kaylie, cucumber, pear 🍐, orange 🍊, lemon πŸ‹ and mint πŸ’ƒπŸ»